Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Lance Henriksen promotion and Business card for TCDJS

This is Lance Henriksen, the legend- the android from Aliens

It was a nice find that his facebook page has promoted my artworks, probably because of the Queen in it!

I mean, yeah maybe it's not him behind the page but it does mention it's his official page on facebook and linked to his twitter- but mostly it's the feedback that matters 8)! Thanks to the Big Dude, or which ever kind soul that shared the work for me to reach a greater audience 8).

Hope this is a sign that I am progressing after all. 8). cheers to all you folks 8).

Ah, almost forgot to mention I designed a business card for TCDJS- it's not my artwork but i gathered different images and edited them together and from the sound it looks like they liked it. So here it goes so for all your business card needs you know WHO YOU GONNA CALL! haha.

painting information

Completion Date: 1936
Genre: landscape
Technique: tempera
Material: canvas
Dimensions: 30.6 x 45.6 cm
Gallery: State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow, Russia

- Arif I.

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