Monday, 28 July 2014

Dublin Comic Con 2014 Announcement

A reminder to all you nice folks 8). I will be in the upcoming Dublin Comic Con selling prints and stickers along side Brian Burke of

This is what we will have in offer for you! we kept the price nice cause you guys are nice and we want to see whatever we worked on ends up on your wall.
Also this will be the introduction to Big Red Pred- the yautja that was introduced to the world by none other than Sandy Collora's short fan film Batman: Dead End. So if you see me do come in, take a snap, get murdered (! JK) and say Hello! 8)
You will also get to meet Darth Revan. I have received a lot of positive feedback on this suit last week so I am pretty excited to bring him out again!

So SEE YOU GUYS SOON! Dublin Comic Con here we come!

-Arif I


  1. Awesome man! I'm gonna do my best to drop by and get me some signed prints from you guys :)

  2. Let me know before you are coming! 8)