Artist's Journal: Random Doodles and Quick artworks

Most of these are out of my head... some of them are drawn from certain motivational event and some of them are drawn from themes given by my friends

Drifters path


Memory Remains

Antique shop at the corner
The Chamber of Thousand Secrets.

Art Deco drawing?



Shinobi character design

The Unreliables 1st cahracter design waiting for a pass- Oggy and Lunchbox

Narrow Lane quick Sketch.

The Hunter is on the loose

Concept Drawing of Fenton for upcoming animated short.

Birthday Drawing for Sandra 17th Nov 2012.

Banner I have made for John Doherty- Irish Kendoka.
The Shadow- Into the Night I go...

Concept Drawing for upcoming animated short.

Belated Birthday gift- Avatar Erika with Hellsing in front of Tower of Babylon.

I used one of the ruins from Babylonian times to depict the Tower of Babylon cause the whole thing is suppose to be massive.
Wanted to draw something after watching the fantastic Paranorman. Norman with Love Struggled Mr. Nosferatu.
Concept drawing for animation project.

Brushing with the blues

A series of drawings I did on the life of female Predators.

A series of drawings I did on the life of female Predators.

A series of drawings I did on the life of female Predators.



Semtex Revolution

A boy and girl, in a post apocalyptic world, growing a flower from a toilet cistern in a dirty, gratified bathroom cubicle.

Theme by Julie.
Animation Idea

Siobhan with one of my doodles at work. It was her goodbye gift.

A long Haired artist sketching Demons on a canvas and the demons are trying to come out of the canvas at the same time. Theme by Oshustho MogojKeep puoring in your themes you guys.

Also this song helped a lot:

thanks to Vektor
— with Oshustho Mogoj.

Observational Drawing: Bread and Breakfast time at Amsterdam.

A war is coming

The Day the Law Died

Biped Roman Elephant Warrior- as requested by Kieran.

CCCP- Vitalia Bik

Robocop, Short Circuit and Saturn III


Expandables: Ultimate Edition
Rambo, John, T2, Predator and Universal SOldier

'El Diablo cazador de hombres.'; The Demon who makes trophies of men.

Gesso, Graphite, Acrylic on 16"X28" Canvas board.

Kendo Concept

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